About Havanas

Havana rabbits make excellent pets and show animals.  They are known for their lustrous, soft fur, and calm personality.  Havana rabbits originated from Dutch rabbits in 1898.  Havanas have a compact body type.  Varieties (colors) shown are: black, blue, broken (color and white), chocolate, and lilac.  Havanas weigh about 4-6 pounds.  We personally raise the black and chocolate varieties of Havanas, with an occasional blue.



20180222 Rascador's Litter (12)

Black and blue Havanas out of a chocolate doe.

20171213 Concertina (7)

A Black Havana

20171213 Rascador (3)

A Chocolate Havana


The ARBA Havana scorecard:

General type: 45 points

Fur: 25 points

Color: 20 points

Condition: 10 points

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